Yash Bookclub


At Yash, we want to provide a platform providing you with access to a range of services, resources, tips and equipment you need to support you and your well-being. With a range of products available via the Yash Shop – from quality yoga mats, blocks and homemade scented candles – plus our online book forum where you can host your own Bookclub, join in with others or simply enjoy the review, we are confident you’ll find something for you.

As we grow, we want you to help shape Yash and what we offer. Our aim is to build a community that supports each other through the good and the bad – the more you engage with us the more we can evolve and provide you with what you need.


Created by Tereena, a yoga teacher based in London. Yash brings together all of the things she has found helpful in her own journey over the years.

Heavily influenced by yoga (naturally!), Yash is built on many of the principles of this practice and ultimately, reflects Tereena’s (and so many other’s) aims of wanting to find a sense of Joy and Peace in what can sometimes be a complex world.

Want More?
If there are any other products or resources you would like access to, please let us know via the contact us form.