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Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space – Mooji (6.5/10)

Average, I think that’s how I’d describe this book.

Wild I know! Starting the review off with my overall final thoughts, you may as well stop reading now…

KIDDING! Don’t you dare go anywhere

I think after you’ve read a few self-help books, they all end up saying the same thing don’t they? Which isn’t a bad thing(!), it’s just that unfortunately for the books that you end up reading later on down the line, they have to be pretty darn good in order for them to stand out. And as much as I did enjoy this, I don’t think it was anything revolutionary.

I will say, however, that it is definitely an interesting read as his take is slightly different to others in the actual process of finding yourself (see below for more on this). It’s also one of those books you may like to pick up every once in a while as, if you’re anything like me, some of the neat little tricks and motivating quotes you come across end up slowly slipping away from that pesky brain of yours, so it’s always nice to get little reminders now and then.

On the whole I would recommend this book, especially if you’re stuck in between reads and can’t quite decide on what’s going to be next. But I’d also recommend having a browse through his YouTube page as many of his teachings set out in the book is essentially what he has said at his Satsangs (which you can fine on his YT Page).

I think this gets a modest 6.5 (maybe a 7) from me…

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For those that want more – well keep on scrolling!


As touched on briefly above, Mooji approaches the ‘find your true self’ advice a little different than other authors, speakers etc. His take is focused on less is more… your ‘self’ is right there, it is literally within you, so there is no need to take on or adopt loads of different practices in order to find it, simply just decide that you are.

Now I must clarify, he is not suggesting that practices people undertake as a way of supporting their spiritual journey is wrong, it’s more that he shifts the focus away from the practices themselves and onto the apparently simple task of just being… He states that it should, and is, as ‘easy’ to arrive at the true self by simply just being it. It is quite literally you, believing and accepting this is what will allow you to become it, according to Mooji. He touches on how noticing and observing the way in which your ‘person’ (that is your false self) operates throughout life will help you to do this – in doing so you’ll be able to say / acknowledge that I (your true self), is what is observing the person (your false self) navigate throughout life, but I am not however, the person itself.

What is consistent with other self-help / find yourself esk books is the view that society and outside factors are what create the many views and beliefs that people live by, purely because that is what they have been told / taught (not everyone – don’t come for me!). We need to start questioning ourselves as to why we feel so strongly about something, especially when there is an expectation attached to this thing which means we expect others to also think and act in the same way.

It’s a hard task… but definitely doable.

As much as I enjoyed this book, I don’t think there was anything overly ground breaking and I also think that listening / watching Mooji is far more enjoyable and relatable than this book – for those of you that have seen him in action (whether online or at one of his Satsangs), I’d be interested to know your take on this as it could well just be a personal thing!

Again for those that have witnessed Mooji, you’ll know how care free his being comes across and this was something I was pleased to see continuously communicated throughout the book – the need to live for the now, and limit the mind chatter which all too often gets in the way of us doing something which deep down we probably really want to do.

“You cannot tell what the shape of things will be at any given juncture in life. You cannot know how it will all turn out, yet all too often we act as though we do know’

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of this….🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

Living in anything but the present has been the norm for wayyyyyy to long. Why live in the past, no matter how much you think about it, it will not change. Why live in the future, you never know for sure what is around the corner (if this mad year hasn’t taught you that by now I don’t know what will!). So given this, why not thoroughly enjoy the moment you are experiencing right now?? What will it take for you to be happy in this very moment? Think about it… ok now do it!


Life should be just that… life. Now go and live it.


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