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Yash Heart Melts

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Product Details

Available in the signature Yash scents our hand poured heart wax melts are a great alternative to candles. Use with a tea light burner or an electric wax burner to benefit from their strong, lasting scents. 


  • Joy – Roses, Roses, and more Roses!
  • Swee-T – Cinnamon and Apple fusion
  • Fresh – Inviting scent of clean cotton
  • Noir – Amber Noir: A sultry combination of sweet and spice
  • Self – Relaxing lavender

Made from eco-friendly, Vegan and cruelty free 100% natural Soy Wax and fragrance oil.

As our Yash melts are hand made and from natural ingredients, there may be slight variations in colour and appearance.

Each melt will release a scent throw for up to 4 hours. But don’t be fooled, even once extinguished your room will be left smelling incredible for hours!

1 order = 5 individual melts

All our melts come in recyclable eco friendly packaging. 

WARNING: Do not burn unattended. Keep out of reach of Children. Fully extinguish flame after use. Do not touch hot wax. Do not inhale directly.  

1 review for Yash Heart Melts

  1. Sachelle Whiskey

    As if I couldn’t get more obsessed with the alluring Swee-T scent, they now come in the most perfect melts! I received them last weekend and have literally been burning them daily. The scent, consistently amazing and so easy to remove and swap. I cannot wait to buy some more.

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