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The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod (4/10)


I wish I could say I enjoyed this book. Like I really tried, but I’m afraid I was extremely disappointed.

Meh – I think meh is the word I’d use to describe it – It wasn’t awful, but it also wasn’t that great either (sorry Hal!).

I think the biggest irritation for me when it comes to this book is the length of it, it’s completely unnecessary. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not a long book at all, however there simply isn’t enough substance to warrant how many pages there are and this really does show through the constant repeating of points throughout. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it repeated itself. It could have been cut down by at least a third and still given you the same amount of information (and that’s me being generous).

Overall it was a bit of a let down. I guess it wasn’t horrendous as I did manage to get through the whole thing, but I wouldn’t be in a rush to buy it. I guess if for some reason you had it lying around and haven’t got anything to read then go for it, but definitely think there are other things you could be doing with your time!

This is a thumbs down from us and a very very average 4/10.

The Miracle Morning

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The book focuses on exactly what the front covers sets out, habits you can take to ‘transform’ your life before 8am – well it’s not all specific to before 8am but we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. Now essentially it comes down to 6 things, or Life S.A.V.E.R.S as referred to in the book, you should be doing in the mornings (again, as the cover sets out).

Silence (meditation)





Scribing (journaling)

And that’s it, that is literally what this whole book tells you. I mean I may be exaggerating a little bit, I guess it does talk about not hitting the snooze button or not using excuses such as there not being enough time. But for me, in terms of actual things to take away, those 6 things were kinda it – which is pretty underwhelming considering basically all self-help books in the history of self-help talks about these.

Now that I’m thinking about it, the book could have just had the chapter on ‘Life S.A.V.E.R.S’ and ended there…

My other irritation, and this isn’t solely in relation to this book, is the constant pushing of the message that you need to be up before the crack of dawn in order to be able to live a remotely happy and / or successful life. Now whilst I can appreciate this may be true for some or even many people, to state everyone must do it before a certain time really irks me. In my eyes it completely alienates a large amount of people who live lifestyles that simply means it would be unhealthy for them to get up that early (e.g. due to working patterns), but also those that just function better and are more productive in the evenings. It’s great that you have found something that works for you, but please don’t impose this on others in a way that suggests any other way isn’t correct (despite it working for them!).

Having said all this, whilst the book itself isn’t the most helpful, there is a pretty popular facebook group and community built around the miracle morning that supports each other and I guess in a way holds you to account, which some people may find quite helpful, so do feel free to check it out if you’re interested.

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